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Hi, I'm Steve Day and welcome to my PC Repair site. I offer affordable and fast PC/Apple repairs in your home. I also provide remote access repairs as well as pick up and delivery of your computer for repair at my location. I bring my 40 years of computer knowledge and 15+ years of experience as owner of Tiny Planet Computer to every job. This means you get top quality work at an affordable price. I offer Apple and PC repair services, VHS/8MM/MiniDV tape transfers to digital and Smart TV programming with more services coming all the time! Ready to breathe new life into your computer? Give me a call today! Looking for a new desktop or laptop computer? I am an authorized Lenovo reseller and can find a computer that suits all your needs. Did I mention that my great friend and former employee Pete is also offering his services? Check out his site for more info. We are working together but separately to provide faster service to everyone on Cape Ann.

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